N.B. Thank you for taking the time to enquire about our services as entertainers. Please know that our quotes come with 20+ years of experience/skills (something you can’t simply replicate with an iPod). Included in your fee comes professionalism, promptness and highly-skilled musical performances. Prior to your event, please feel free to liaise with the artist to sort out any requests (ceremony songs, first dance or overall repertoire/vibe).



Terms & Conditions:

1.     Client to pay 50% of agreed price to confirm the booking date. Please be very sure and careful when locking in dates as this amount is non-refundable.

2.     The final 50% of the agreed price must be paid 1 month prior to the event date. In the event of a booking within the month, the full agreed price must be paid.

3.     Artist will play 3-5 songs of your choosing within the ceremony and is happy to take requests

(if known) throughout the canapés and receptions.

4.     Artists will play 45 minute sets with breaks between. Artists are responsible for playing break music appropriate to the event through their speakers.

5.     Canapés set will be no longer than 2 x 45 minute sets. Any longer must be negotiated and may incur an extra fee.

6.     In the circumstance of live music at your reception, artist will play 1 – 3 songs of your choosing (first dance, father/daughter dance etc.)

7.     Any more song requests prior to the event may incur a small fee.

8.     Artist will read the crowds age, demographic and interest in regards to song choice and genres/style/vibe.

9.     If hiring the artist as a duo, trio or band, the agreed price may not be split evenly between contracted musicians and that is up to the discretion of the booker/artist booked.

10.  Artist has complete cover of public liability insurance up to the value of $5,000,000.00.

11.  Artist will supply own sound gear appropriate for the venue and crowd size and performance. All gear is tagged and tested and in the event of hiring equipment, it is always through reputable companies who supply tested equipment.

12.  In the event of speeches, clients may use the artist’s microphone/s to deliver.

13.  Clients can liaise with artist to play any extra music through their sound system

(bridal party entrances, first dances etc.)